Do the Washington Post make mistakes?

Yep. We all make mistakes.

The above post (and the ensuing firestorm) from the Washington Post Facebook page lasted all of three minutes before it was removed.

I’ve made errors on official Facebook pages as well, but the fury is too fun to read and that alone makes it worth preserving.

2010: The Year in iPhone Apps

In 2010, apps became a truly significant way to stay connected on the go. So what better way to review the year than through the apps that match the biggest news stories?

The 2010: Year in iPhone Apps chart highlights the most memorable moments of the year in a colorful graph filled with applications that can still be useful in 2011.

From the earthquake in Haiti to the Chilean miners to the WikiLeaks scandals, it’s all here. Click on the image for the full-size timeline.

Steve Jobs… Always a bridesmaid.

Steve Jobs has been passed over for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for the last three years.

He is the only person to have been nominated four years in a row without being chosen.

Vote for him here.

Steve goes artsy

Sure, he may never have finished college, but this Steve Jobs collage is definitely one finished product.

The collage is composed of nearly every piece of Steve Jobs art there is: illustration, drawing, painting, food sculpture, sculpture in general, animation, cartoon, stained glass, mosaic, doll, puppet, etc…

Featuring more than 100 different works of art, Apple’s CEO has never looked so diverse.

Apple Exec. Papermaster quits job on iPad

Apple Executive Mark Papermaster quit his job at Apple but until now no one knew how. Looks like he took a cue from The Chive. Take a look:

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A Match Made in Twitter?

Twitter has begun rolling out recommendations for similar users in account profiles, but the system doesn’t seem to present users with a perfect match.

Click on the image above to take a closer look at some of the more interesting suggestions.

These are all real suggestions on the site. Here’s how the new feature looks on a Twitter page:

iPhone 4 FaceTime Ad [spoof]

A spoof of Apple’s new FaceTime ad for the iPhone 4:

See the original ad:

See all of the original ads here.


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