An affordable way to own every Mac

Apple Mac Monopoly

Finally, an Apple board game! Those who love collecting old Macs or simply admire the computer company’s extravagant product designs will enjoy playing Macopoly.

View the full size image here.

What do you think? Would you play it? What properties would you add or change? What other Macintosh board games should be developed? Leave a comment.

Special thanks to Jeff Morris for the wallpaper board background. Also, thanks to for many of the Mac images. The board is neither an actual product of Apple nor Parker Brothers.
Also, check out a parody of Steve Jobs on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “An affordable way to own every Mac”

  1. As all of the products aren’t Macs I think that it should be called Appelopoly, it has a nice round feel in my mouth when I say it.

    I also think that a square is so 19th century. An 8 on its side (∞) would be more appropriate, especially as this centres on Apple.

    Maybe the colours in the tops of the product squares should be more iBook or iPod like, the monopoly ones are well monopoly.

    I’d like to see jail renamed to reboot or “application not responding”. If we are allowed to be nasty maybe you could just call it windows.

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