23 thoughts on “Harry Potter Monopoly casts a spell”

  1. They should seriously make this game. My whole family would be ga-ga to get our hands on this game…Hey Matel…get a move on!

  2. Does somebody know if the Harry Potter Special Limited Edition Monopoly game is in the store yet???? We want to play it!!!!!!

  3. collect monopoly games and harry potter collectables. need a harry potter monopoly. if there is one out there please let me know.

  4. I am lurking the internet for this game and all i can find is thousands of people asking Hasbro for A Harry Potter Monopoly, but yet still one is not made. i AGREE with the other people that hasbro will not be disappointed of their sales. The whole game is practically set up for them. There are so many locations and characters to choose from. Please make this. Please!

  5. if you knew how much i love monopoly and how many i have collected then for the love of god please make a harry potter monopoly.

  6. I made my own version. It turned out great but huge. the sickles, knuts, and galleons are annoying to sort out when buying things but its all good fun. I went on to Harry Potter Lexicon to convert muggle money on the original board to Wizarding money. So its like real hard core. I worked so bloody long on it though. First figuring out which properties i definity wanted and then trying to decide which spot they get. it was a pain and a risky thing to make but it rocks! Each side of the board has a different house’s colors. 4 sides-4 houses. 2 colors on each side- 2 colors for each house. its like fate wanted this! I’m also working on a harry potter themed Apples to Apples. thats taking much longer though… LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!!!

  7. I’ve actually started making my own harry potter monopoly. It’s not that hard. All you need is some poster board, colored pencils, index cards, a different version of monopoly to use as a basis, and a decent knowledge of the harry potter movies/books. It doesn’t even have to be fancy, I used houses from other monopoly sets and lego harry potter people for play pieces. If you need help just go to https://teqnolog.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/harry-potter-monopoly-casts-a-spell/ to see a computer generated monopoly board that someone else created.

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