Obama on track to triple TIME cover record.

Whose face has appeared on more TIME magazine covers than any other?

It’s easy to guess Barack Obama, whose image has overwhelmed newsstands since the 2008 election season, but Obama only has half as many covers as the current record-holder: Richard Nixon.

Nixon has been pictured on nearly 50 TIME magazine covers, just four above the next runner-up, Ronald Reagan.

Only 18 people have appeared on ten or more TIME covers and all are politicians, though only three are not American.

Despite having been president for less than a year, TIME’s gushing love for Obama is apparent in the fact that he has already appeared on 24 covers. That’s more than half as many as Reagan appeared on after eight years in the White House. At the current rate, Obama could appear on more than 150 TIME covers by the end of an eight year presidency.

Hillary Clinton has appeared on the most TIME covers for a female and for a non-president. Al Gore appears on the most covers for a vice president never having won the presidency. And Gerald Ford has been on the highest number of covers for a non-Person of the Year.

Also see: Obamanopoly, where the presidency is just a game.

15 thoughts on “Obama on track to triple TIME cover record.”

  1. “Gerald Ford has been on the highest number of covers for a non-president”?

    OK… so who do you think was president from August 1974 to January 1977?

  2. Actually, Gerald Ford was president for a while in the ’70s.

    Anyone see a problem with the cover of Ronald Reagan at the top?

    Try again.

  3. “[B]At the current rate,[/B] Obama could appear on more than 150 TIME covers…”

    Is the distribution of covers fairly even over a presidency, or is there a ‘just-elected’ boost? Also, lots of covers doesn’t necessarily equal “gushing love”; I don’t think Time loves Saddam Hussein.

  4. KC, the article has been changed.

    I am still having a hard time trusting the numbers in the chart, since the person who made it thinks Brezhnev is Ronald Reagan.

    1. I still believe in him too. Am I’m waiting for him to deliver on the promise… I still think he is in the best position to do so, more so than McCain or Hillary Clinton. Let’s pray he does… for all of our sakes.

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