The World’s Top Tweeters Might Surprise You

The world’s top tweeters have been announced by Teqnolog and the 2009 statistics might surprise you. The tweeters have been categorized by personalities, organizations and foreign language accounts.

The charts are based on the all-time totals of public tweets published by the end of the decade. Here’s the data:


None of the names on the personalities list have achieved widespread household recognition, but most of the users have their own cult followings.

The #1 user, Chris Voss, is a social media consultant who has posted 109,591 tweets through the decade. In second place, Rick London, has sent 98,682 tweets.

Each personality ranking in the top 10 has published more tweets than the New York Times, Reuters, Guardian, ESPN, TIME, and CNN just to name a few.

Here’s the top 25:

  1. 109,542 Chris Voss
  2. 98,682 Rick London
  3. 78,730 Richard Darell
  4. 76,713 Ray Beckerman
  5. 73,563 Iconic88
  6. 71,042 Calvin Lee
  7. 65,166 StarlingPoet
  8. 63,448 Lori Moreno
  9. 57,355 Chris Brogan
  10. 57,183 Susan Elaine
  11. 56,998 Amber Naslund
  12. 54,600 Shelly Kramer
  13. 50,267 Marc Parent
  14. 43,563 Ciaobella50
  15. 38,831 Jinxie_G
  16. 38,619 Guy Kawasaki
  17. 38,503 Ryan Penagos
  18. 38,315 Blair Semenoff
  19. 38,313 WookiesGirl
  20. 38,004 Arleen Boyd
  21. 37,772 Cheth
  22. 36,735 Scott Stratten
  23. 35,561 Bill Zucker
  24. 35,376 Mikepfs
  25. 35,253 Kim Sherrell


All of the top ten tweeting organizations are unsurprisingly news outlets.

Fox News tops the cake with 141,303 tweets for the decade, followed by the Huffington Post Politics account at 130,262.

If the two Huffington Post accounts were combined, however, the news site would take the record with 157,939, and if the three separate BBC accounts were combined, the British Broadcasting Corp. would place second with 141,660 tweets.

It may be notable that the Huffington Post Politics account out-tweets the site’s main account. But the case isn’t unique. CNN’s Political Ticker (14,885) also out-tweets the main CNN account (13,578).

Here’s the top 25:

  1. 141,303 Fox News
  2. 130,262 HuffPost Politics
  3. 60,305 BBC News
  4. 55,381 Australian Broadcasting Corp.
  5. 48,421 BBCWorld
  6. 40,156 NYT
  7. 32,934 BBC Brasil
  8. 29,918 Reuters
  9. 29,464 Breaking News
  10. 27,677 Huffington Post
  11. 25,980 Guardian News
  12. 24,882 Ars Technica
  13. 23,429 ESPN
  14. 23,031 Drudge Report
  15. 22,198 TechGlance
  16. 20,964 TweetMeme
  17. 20,741 Mashable
  18. 20,019 Al Jazeera English
  19. 19,095 Engadget
  20. 18,190 BrandRepublic
  21. 17,363 BreakingNewz
  22. 17,249 NYTimesArts
  23. 16,056 ProBlogger
  24. 16,948 TMZ
  25. 16,172 BoingBoing


Of the top ten foreign language Twitter accounts of the decade, four were written in Spanish, three in Japanese, and three in Portuguese.

Juan Yáñez, the highest tweeting of the ten, sent out 66,556 tweets, which would rank it 7th on the overall personalities list. Cristian Muñoz C. came in second with 56,285.

Here’s the top 20:

  1. 66,556 Juan Yáñez (Spanish)
  2. 56,285 Cristian Muñoz C. (Spanish)
  3. 54,662 G1 (Portugese)
  4. 52,328 el pais (Spanish)
  5. 47,802 Cardoso (Portugese)
  6. 43,577 Shuzo Matsuoka (Japanese)
  7. 37,323 Hugo Gloss (Portugese)
  8. 35,572 Daniela Riquelme (Spanish)
  9. 33,188 Kogure (Japanese)
  10. 32,904 Hatebu (Japanese)
  11. 24,736 Silvio Luiz (Portugese)
  12. 24,379 Rosana (Portugese)
  13. 24,010 Jussara Simões (Portugese)
  14. 23,628 Carolina Millan (Spanish)
  15. 21,977 Blogdonoblat (Portugese)
  16. 19,023 ElUniversal (Spanish)
  17. 18,451 Programapanico (Portugese)
  18. 18,407 Nobi (Japanese)
  19. 17,305 Folha Online (Portugese)
  20. 16,069 Melhoramigogay (Portugese)

66 thoughts on “The World’s Top Tweeters Might Surprise You”

  1. Top tweeter by volume. I’m not sure that it surprises me, but it’s an interesting stat to track. Is more more? Not to me. What’s interesting about that list is when we all joined Twitter. I’ve been on for over 3 years. Some of those names started 8 months ago. Imagine that.

    So I dunno about what volume will tell you.

    1. This list is meaningless, and some of the “top tweeting people” are my friends and great folks. But the #1 person on it auto-tweets non-stop, not to mention borrows social media strategies from others in the biz. Hardly impressive, and hate for people not on Twitter to think any of this means anything at all. Great point about when people joined, Chris.

      1. Actually the huge number of tweets by FOX News is a scary indicator of how they push their right wing agenda nonstop. The only US based political balance is Huffington Post around the same level of activity. Don’t follow Al Jazeera myself, but I dare say they need to get their viewpoint out there, too. I suppose one’s view depends on whose ox is being gored…? Still, the organizational tweeters are the most interesting data here. The personal data is meaningless for all the reasons cited.

  2. InTeresting ranking but it’s not accurte, the foreign language one at least. Check out these people : @infozeus @cmcgato @carolucky @nelissh from Chile and all hae mire than 20,000. You should include another ranking with just regular people who tweet a lot, cheers

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The chart was based on information from Twitter data collecting sites, which proved inaccurate in this case. The additions have been added to the updated post.

  3. Volume is not what I think about or am on twitter for. There is so much noise now. For me it has always been about the “Ah Ha, I did not know that” or “That’s neat” and sharing really good stuff. Is there a measure/stat of retweets within this ?

  4. Tracking stats by volume is certainly interesting, but I agree with Chris, that volume doesn’t tell you much about the tweeter. What would be interesting, for me, would be to see if it’s possible to track the number of retweets/mentions for a person/organisation by volume.

  5. Not sure what this was based on. I know there are tweeters out there with more tweets than those listed. For example, @winebratsf has over 80,000 tweets but isn’t in the top 10?

    She has more than everyone except one person. What are the other criteria?

  6. Hi Chris it true people are able to gain Twitter value a lot faster then ever before. Chris you put plenty of time into being on the top of twitter. You paved the way so people like @Raybeckerman could climb.

    Chris like you said before someone like Ray Beckerman just joined twitter about 8-9 months ago. Carol and I meet ray he was an incredible blogger with a history that dates back to the 2004 election scandal in Ohio.

    Then Ray Fought the RIAA in the Arena of digital downloads. Ray help many people to not have their homes taken away by the Recording industry. He blogged about his cases and has lots of traffic to his blog.

    Ray has a hand full of blogs and is passionate about his topics.

    His topics are hot button issues. When we sat down with Ray we talk about twitter. When Carol showed Ray the RT and the @ along with Ray was off to the races.

    We seen him climb fast first landing in front of President Obama. Now in the number 4 spot on this list Just a head of Chris Brogan who paved the way.

  7. Dude,

    7. 37,323 Hugo Gloss (spanish)
    12. 24,379 Rosana (spanish)
    14. 21,977 Blogdonoblat (spanish)
    16. 18,451 Programapanico (spanish)
    18. 17,305 Folha Online (spanish)
    19. 16,069 Melhoramigogay (spanish)
    20. 15,763 Thiago Banik

    They are brazilian…

  8. Interesting list, but as smarter voices than mine have already mentioned, numbers are meaningless. Many of the people on this list are dear friends and/or people for whom I have great respect. Others fill the Twitter stream with scheduled tweets during all hours of the day, ensuring that their “message” will be heard, even when they are sleeping. That is something to which I’ll never “aspire” because, for me, social media is about being real. Oh, and that scheduled tweeting business – how, exactly, is that any different than broadcasting a message? Which is the antithesis of all things related to social mediums. Broadcasting, scheduled or faux tweeting – whatever moniker you want to affix, it’s all the same – is as lame, IMHO, as using faux follower tools to make yourself think that you’re “somebody.” And we won’t even mention the fact that stealing content from other people and claiming it as your own is the lamest of lameosity. And making it to the top of any list based on those tactics is, most definitely, not something to be proud of.

    Those people who have truly accomplished something in this new world of social media – you know who you are. Kudos to you! As for the rest, transparency will get you, if it hasn’t already.

    1. You truly said it Shelly, it is not just the number of tweets you make but the impact they have in the stream, what they bring what they share and how they affect the waters around them. It is about intereacting, inspiring, entertainly and enlighting
      I’m so glad to know so many of the people on this list.

      1. Thank you for sharing that Shelly, I was thinking that but couldn’t put that in words. I still think it is a very cool way to track the statistics tho

  9. I find the NewsMakers the most interesting. Fox News on top. Huffington Post Clocks in above New York Times. Who is reading the papers? What makes new? Waiting to see what happens next.

    RSS Feeds and auto-tweets round the clock and people for hire. Remember Twitter is still ‘new’ and everyone is trying to game it and learn how to make it work for them.

    I hope most are regular people making ‘real’ connections. Making friends with people across the world who they would never have met if it weren’t for Twitter. At least, that’s the way I envision “The Best of Twitter”

  10. Thanks to Teqnolog and Mr. Keely for this blog post. After being an CEO over many companies, I tend to chat alot, lol. I usually did the newsletters that went out to hundreds of employees and so tweeting gives me a new audience.

    My goal has been to entertain, inspire and educate people with my blog, to people all around the world. Twitter is an incredible vehicle for this. I make it a point to respond to anyone who chats with me.

    I’ve build many successful multi-million dollar companies over the last 2 decades and My Company Strategix One has Clients Worldwide, who get Business Consulting and Social Media Consulting.

    I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who have emailed me, commented me and tweeted me on the positive impact I’ve had in their lives. Recently, on Christmas Eve, someone told me about how a video I did changed their life and turned it around. It moves me that many people feedback my effects on them.

    In business, if you talk negatively about your competitors, it reflects badly on you. I make it a point to try to be a positive message beacon. Thanks to my supporters with the vision to enjoy what I work so hard to share. Most of my stuff is free content thats education driven. Do I talk to much, maybe a little, I’m very social and you never can learn too much can you and I try to donate a lot of what’s made me successful. Thats SOCIAL Media.


    Chris Voss

  11. Like most said, I agree numbers themselves are meaningless. It sounds like the old days of search engines where #of pages indexed meant something. Automated tweeters, tweets lacking substance are dime a dozen million.

    Yet, always interesting to hear the largest, most, highest …..

  12. Thanks for including me on the list. I have to agree with everyone about number of tweets don’t mean anything. Also many of those on the list use automated tweets 24/7. Which I hate and would never do!

    – Cal

    1. I hope we can agree that there is a significant difference between automated tweets and scheduled tweets, where scheduled tweets are individual, one time, hand-entered items scheduled to fire at a given time.

      Have fun! – Bob

  13. So, where are you getting this data? Because my wife, WookiesGirl and one of our best friends Jinxie_G are not on that list. WookiesGirl started tweeting in Feb of 2009, and as of the time of this posting, has 38,313 tweets. So, I call shenaningans…… Jinxie_G is at 38,831….. I think you need to do more research…

      1. Its a very inaccurate listing and that does a dis-service to all the people actually trying to make Twitter an interesting place to work together IMHO.

        It might have been better to make sure you had the right numbers before publishing them.

        Have fun! – Bob

  14. Nice, I made the list, which shows how much I fear real, live human interaction.🙂

    I remember the day when someone tweeted, it was them typing it instead of automation.

    But Twitter is what you want it to be and to me it’s the best source for meeting smart, funny and caring biz owners. A few which I see on this list, congrats to them and thanks for the list!

  15. Some cool people on this list, but in the end, the whole of quantity outweighs quality here. However, a lot of the people on this list post quality and that becomes quantity because they tweet quality so frequently.

  16. Where do you take those numbers from? I have tweeted a lot more than almost half those “top 20”. Are those “top 20” your friends? Counting by the number of tweets, I should be no. 14 in your list, baby!

  17. Thanks for updating the list. I can only imagine that it would be difficult to gather and ensure this data is accurate. There are so many people on twitter now. What I like to see is all the the people that actually tweet and don’t just send in feeds with links attached. Those are the folks I want to see. I am sure it would take much research to gather and determine who is actually the top tweeters. I am proud of my tweet count! Twitter is a fun world to play in and I have met some AMAZING people that have now become friends.
    Thanks for your hard work and patience with your critics!

  18. Hey I actually followed this post an read cause of my Buddy Julio Verla..

    However I have read the article and must agree with Shelly…

    Numbers don’t mean nothing when You speak of real time results..

    You can’t really count whats live streaming as to show who is the best..

    anyways Julio nice piece!

  19. Thank You for including me in Your List.

    I love Twitter and the incredibly amazing friends I’ve made all over the world.

    Enjoy a Twitterific 2010 and beyond!


  20. If they’re going to have a top tweeter list, I think volume is the wrong metric. Quality should be involved. Otherwise, you encourage people to fill up the twittersphere. I have been following one of the groups on this list and actually was thinking about canceling them – too many tweets.

  21. I wonder. Is it better to be on one of these lists, or claim that you know people on these lists?

    Not sure that it tells us much about where Twitter et al. are going but still fun to look at.

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