Jony Ive hasn’t changed his shirt in a decade

If you look closely at the intro videos Apple plays whenever it launches a new product, you’ll notice a few constants.

One: Apple’s design guru, Jonathan Ive, is in every single video.

Two: Ive hasn’t changed his shirt since 1997 when the original iMac launched.

Also, Cheryl Vedoe marks the only intro reel appearance by a female employed at Apple. And that was just once, in 2001.

Scott Forstall is the only other one currently on the repeat wearer list. He’s worn the same jacket in the iPhone and iPad launch videos.

In addition, follow Steve Jobs on Twitter here:

99 thoughts on “Jony Ive hasn’t changed his shirt in a decade”

    1. I second that notion (that it’s scary if he indeed did…).
      But why does he remind me of Vin Diesel with that shirt on? Maybe he set up Vinnie’s penchant for tight tees and baldy rockin’ too?
      It’s all conspiracies, hehe!!!

  1. Maybe Steve Jobs encourages the same shirt behavoir? Steve’s been sporting the mock turtleneck action for years. And I’ve never seen even one flake of dandruff on his shoulders. Now that’s good hygiene.

  2. To me it’s just a way of appearing non-threatening. Ideal for those who aren’t as tech savvy as the general population.

  3. yaarrrr amazing…………………………….

    i just want to say a simple thing…. not only this post it’s about your whole BLOG…………….

    It’s amazing……………………….

  4. Maybe he’s like Billy Mays- the more videos he is in, the younger he will start to look? Now that I think about it, Billy Mays was always wearing the same outfit too.
    I think you may have stumbled onto something huge here.
    Scary stuff.

  5. I think we should take a look at his trousers.May be He prefers that shirt only with pairs of different trousers.He may even have more than 12 of that particular shirt with different trousers.It’s a dress code if you ask me.

  6. some shirts are just too comfortable,
    I even have some which I still wear over than a decade:D
    Interesting post

  7. That’s just freaky… Jeez, thanks for pointing that out, cause that’s just strange. Maybe he has a mental disease or something…

  8. come on.. steve jobs himself likes to wear his famour black turtle neck and blue jeans all the time.. its a style statement.. I love it when they wear the same colors all the time.
    Go steve jobs!!

    -karthikeyan balakumar

  9. haha…maybe he has a complex, special shirt-human relationship with his Shirt that only Shirt and Jony himself understand. Jony’s openly expressing his loooove for Shirt, but the general public only ridicules Jony. People, people! If we can accept male-male, female-female relationships, we should also be able to accept and ENCOURAGE shirt-human relationships. I can say without shame that I proudly support shirt-human relationships.

    hopefully he washes the shirt?

  10. iAlmostDiedLaughing
    This is so interesting
    How does one discover something like this. Do you wake up in the morning and go “I’m going to watch every apple commercial ever with the hopes of finding something worth writing about and afterworlds get a ton of traffic from the freshly pressed page”

    I still found this hilarious:) Great post


  11. Personally i feel, why one should comment on the following:

    “Ive hasn’t changed his shirt since 1997 when the original iMac launched”

    Every human living on this earth surely will have certain sentiments whether one admits openly or not. May be Ive might have a sentiment that the shirt he wore when the original iMac was launched is the luckiest and instantaneously made him to be a known-figure internationally alongwith APPLE.

  12. I guess they take consistency very serious… from their products to the clothing that their employees wear.

  13. He has a lot of stocks of similar t-shirt. Maybe his closet is full of those shirt. The very same t-shirt. He doesn’t have to think twice when choosing clothes every time he dress up.😉 Sometimes I spend 5-10 minutes in front of my closet to choose a dress for the day. It’s very time-consuming. Good for you, Jony. He doesn’t have to do what I do daily.😉

  14. The reason he’s in the same shirt is because they did all that taping the same day. They just want you to think the technology advances span over a decade. They’ve been sitting on a beach in Naples Florida doing nothing for years! JK.

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